Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

IMG_4651Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

New Life House, men’s sober living in Los Angeles, has been giving men second chance at life since 1985. As a men’s sober living, the men at New Life House live communally amongst each other and support one another in their recovery. Through utilizing of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the men learn the skills necessary to succeed upon transition to independent living.


The Pioneer of Age-Specific Men’s Sober Livings

As one of the first men’s sober livings in Los Angeles, New Life House is also the pioneer of age-specific sober livings for men. By separating the age groups of younger men, the members of each house develop strong relationships within a peer group they can identify with. This peer-based support system leads to healthy relationships and long-lasting friendships at the New Life House. Most men’s sober livings in Los Angeles are not age-specific and structured around a peer-based community.


Finding a Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

There are many men’s sober livings in Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles has a great recovery community for young men and women seeking recovery. We encourage you to take your time when deciding which men’s sober living in Los Angeles may best fit your needs. New Life House specializes in a peer-based support system which we have found to be helpful for those not just living in New Life House, but upon completing as well. For more information on a men’s sober living in Los Angeles, or specific questions pertaining to New Life House, contact us today.



We are available 7 days a week to receive your phonecall. If you are looking for immediate help, just dial the following number:

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Testimonial from a Parent

“The day I first stepped into New Life House, I had no idea that this was the program that would change everything. But I also felt how different it was and a glimmer of hope formed deep inside me. New Life House does not just help these young men get sober, but they teach them the meaning of gratitude and respect not just for others but for themselves. I loved that by the time my son graduated, he had a job, had opened his own bank account, gotten himself health insurance and with 2 other guys from ‘The House’ had found his own place to live. He was responsible, tidy, spiritual and excited to live.”Amy S.
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