Make the Most of Your Sober Living Experience

If you’ve chosen a sober living home to ease your transition from rehab back to “regular life”, good for you! You’ve made a positive step to aid your recovery. The decision is just the first step, though; you will face more decisions along the way that allow you to make the most of your time in sober living.

Be prepared.

The first thing you can do is be prepared for this journey. Research your chosen sober living home, and learn as much as you can about the environment before moving there. Being prepared will prevent any surprises, and makes your transition that much easier.

Follow the rules.

The rules are there for a reason. They help you, and all the other residents, stay healthy and safe during recovery. When you break a rule, you compromise not only your own safety but the well-being of others. Learn the rules, understand them, and follow them. If you’re caught breaking a rule, you could be asked to leave, and you will have wasted both your time and money.

Go to meetings and appointments regularly.

Keep up with your 12-step meetings, group therapy, or any other appointments during your stay in sober living. Remember that the facility itself is just one tool in your continued recovery. Simply living there won’t solve all your problems; you have to maintain a multi-faceted approach to your health.

Get social.

Take advantage of everything your sober living home has to offer. Don’t just exist there and hide out in your room; attend social functions and fun activities! This adds another positive layer to your experience.

Deal with your issues.

You won’t necessarily like or get along with everyone you encounter at sober living. That’s okay, because it mirrors the reality of regular life. Empower yourself by learning to deal with conflicts rather than avoiding them or handling them in unhealthy ways. Now is the time to grow as a person, so that you can handle the “real world” again. Talk to counselors and learn to develop solutions for your problems before they spiral out of control.

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