Looking for Work After Rehab Aftercare

For a while now, focusing on your health and recovery has been a full time job. But at some point, if you’ve been unemployed or taking a break from your career, you will want to re-enter the workforce. Finding a new job can be challenging as you emerge from rehab aftercare, and it’s important to keep a few things in mind while you hunt for a job.

Learn new skills. This is something everyone should do, whether they’ve been consistently in the workforce for 20 years or, like you, they’ve spent some time in rehab aftercare. It’s important for any job seeker to update their resume with new skills in order to remain competitive in the workforce. Check into classes at your local community college or if your career requires certain certifications, make sure those are up to date.

Reconnect with old contacts. Often the best way to find a job is by word of mouth. If you’ve been socially distant as you recovered, start to reconnect with friends and family now. Let them know you’re looking for work. They may surprise you with how supportive they are. Do, of course, avoid anyone who parties a lot and may encourage you to stray from your goals.

Get prepared. You may be asked some tough questions during interviews, especially concerning your absence from the workforce. Be prepared to answer those questions confidently, so that the interviewer gets the impression that you are now healthy and ready to work. Practice interview skills with a friend.

Work on your image. Remember that first impressions are key, and like it or not, we are judged on our appearances and mannerisms. Follow the usual interview guidelines with regard to proper hygiene, dress code, confident posture, eye contact, and a firm handshake.

Avoid relapse. If a high-stress environment contributed to your previous addiction problems, it’s probably not a good idea to dive right back into that type of environment. Even if a slower-paced, less stressful job pays less, it’s a good idea to know your limits and opt for that one over a job that could trigger stress. Obviously, you will also want to avoid any work environment with boozy holiday parties or in-office happy hours.

Be positive. A person who has made some mistakes is also a person who has grown in depth and character. You have a lot to offer the world, both personally and professionally. Keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward in your job search.

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