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Life Coaches & Alternatives to Sobriety

Life Coach is another word for a mentor who will not only be firmly established in a life of sobriety but will also have a variety of living experiences that will be useful to the challenge to getting back into the work force after taking the time off to recover.

Qualified Coaches Pertaining to Addiction

There are as many different Life Coaches as there are people interested in specific activities and considering particular occupations. From sobriety to nutrition to career to dating, relationships, investing and acting, there is a Life Coach available. Psychologists, social workers and other professionals are becoming certified as an additional way to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction transform their lives and begin the sometimes arduous journey of learning how to live a completely new style of living.

Life Coach

Ask Yourself, Does This Life Coach Have What I Want?

Some good questions to ask yourself when interviewing a potential Life Coach to help you get back on your feet during sobriety and recovery are:


How much time sober do they have?


How do they make use of their time of sobriety?


Are they practicing what they are teaching?


Do they attend 12 step meetings and hold commitments on a regular basis?


Do they have a systematic procedure for creating, setting, and realizing their goals?


Will this Life Coach accurately access my potential and steer me in a direction that is reasonable and attainable for me – or – are they just telling me what I want to hear in order to receive a paycheck?

Try Coupling with a Recovery Community

An established recovery community, one that has been in operation for longer than ten years and has a strong alumni basis, is a gold mine for learning to live sober from people who are actually doing it and being ensconced in all the positive benefits their proven recovery provides. This recovery community is full of Life Coaches who give back for no other reason than it is their sole purpose to help with no expectations for a monetary reward. New Life House Recovery Community is such a place and we are confident your loved one will find the help they need here.

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