Learning a Responsible Lifestyle for Now and Later

It is very easy for me to understand how having a lot of structure within sober living will help me to transition to living a healthy lifestyle when I move out on my own. The first few things that come to mind is the structure of chores and arranging the things that I plan to do the following day on the evening prior. I find these two aspects of structured sober living to be very beneficial to daily life.

Before I got sober it was hard for me to keep my apartment clean, and when my home is not clean it’s hard to get off to the right start in my day. I knew that I should clean and make everything look nice and organized but I’d choose not too out of laziness and a lack of care for how things looked because it wasn’t important to me. Being required to set out my plans for the day the evening prior is beneficial in allowing me to have a level of accountability; I have to leave at the designated time that was set up and return home at the respected time that was set up. It allows me to be held to a standard: to make sure I have all of my chores completed, my responsibilities around the house finished and that I keep my word and go where I am set up to go. This is helpful because before I got sober I was unable to plan anything and as a result my day would consist of me scrambling around trying to get tons of things done without any type of strategy and as a result, I got nothing accomplished.

I feel like the most beneficial aspect to a structured sober living is the level of accountability that we hold each other to. We keep a very high standard of cleanliness, manageability, awareness, and watch out for laziness. As a result it gives me the ability to see when I am playing into my character defects as well as to see when others play into their own character defects. I think this is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle out side of a sober living home because it teaches us to hold one another (roommates) to the same level of accountability that we were able to hold each other to in the house. This helps to be able to achieve the desired end result of living long-term sobriety and accomplishing the goals we set out to achieve.

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