Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?


Is Marijuana a gateway drug? For years, marijuana has been called a gateway drug. It is commonly stated that marijuana use leads to harder drug use. Most marijuana users do not go on to try other drugs.



Myth: Marijuana as a Gateway Drug


Marijuana has commonly been referred to as a gateway drug. This is not true. Although many addicts often report marijuana as being one of the first drugs they tried, it does not mean that marijuana was the reason. While there is a strong correlation between marijuana use and other drug use, this is due to the individual rather than the drug.

There are two primary factors that can explain the correlation between marijuana use and other drug use. The first is the individual. Individuals who are interested in the mind-altering effects produced by drugs are more likely to experiment with a variety of drugs, not just marijuana. Most people who use Marijuana never begin using other drugs. Another factor is accessibility. Marijuana is often more accessible than harder drugs.

Tobacco and Alcohol


There are two drugs that are more commonly abused than marijuana, tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol are the two most commonly abused recreational drugs. Most people try either tobacco or alcohol before trying marijuana. Due to the legality of tobacco and alcohol, it seems they have been ignored in the gateway drug theory.


This Does Not Mean Marijuana is Safe for Teens


Although Marijuana may not be a gateway drug for harder drug use, this does not mean it doesn’t pose a threat to overall health. Due to the developing brain, people under 25 shouldn’t experiment with any drug, including marijuana. Adults should speak about the dangers associated with all drug use, but the myth of marijuana being a gateway drug is inaccurate.

There are many opinions regarding whether or not marijuana is addictive. Over long periods of time, Marijuana use can cause changes to the brain that cause addiction. Some users become dependent on the drug and are unable to function normally throughout the day without the effects produced by marijuana. While marijuana may not cause the same physical addiction symptoms seen with other drugs, there is a psychological component that needs to be addressed. If an individual is abusing marijuana and unable to stop using the drug, this is cause for concern. Should you like more information regarding Marijuana abuse and recovery, call New Life House at (888) 357-7577.