Choosing a Los Angeles Sober Living

Is Los Angeles the Right Place for Sober Living?

Los Angeles can get a bad rap in a lot of ways. The city and some of its areas have often carried reputations for partying – Hollywood, crime – Compton, and overpriced real estate – Malibu. So it makes sense that someone would do a double take when told that it is probably the single biggest hotbed of sober young people in America. With all that considered, is it the right place for someone to attend sober living, one of the most formative stages in a young person’s recovery?


Regardless of how you feel about Los Angeles as a whole, the fact that it has one of the largest communities of recovering addicts in the world is undeniable. With over 3,100 AA meetings a week, there is a thriving community of young people actively living healthy, sober lifestyles. Not to mention, the hundreds of other twelve step recovery groups available. There is even a committee called the Los Angeles County Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous committee that was formed to help unify young people throughout the L.A. area through group involvement and service. Los Angeles is often regarded as the recovery capital of the U.S. So why do people travel from all over the world to L.A. for recovery and does this make Los Angeles the right place for a sober living, especially at a young age?


Los Angeles Recovery Community


Los Angeles is home to some of the most well-known alcohol and drug treatment centers in the United States. The Los Angeles recovery community expands much further than just highly regarded treatment programs though. With so many AA meetings taking place every week, it is never difficult to find one that fits a particular personality, and there is always a peer group available that is actively living a healthy lifestyle. There are also hundreds of other twelve step programs available to meet the needs of all addicts, like Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous., Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous.

Because of this, Los Angeles has one of the largest recovery communities in the world, not just with drugs and alcohol. There is a strong presence of health, sober events, and activities that allow people in recovery to have fun and feel connected to one another. That huge number of AA meetings includes many that are specifically designed for young people and groups and events geared specifically towards young people in their teens and early adult years. It is imperative that young people in recovery build relationships and engage in activities that are both fun and conducive for sobriety. Los Angeles provides these opportunities and this helps to ensure a young person’s best chance at establishing the necessary foundation for achieving long-term recovery.


The Los Angeles Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous committee (LACYPAA)


The Los Angeles Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous committee (LACYPAA), was formed in 1997 with the purpose of carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous and uniting those in recovery, regardless of age. By holding conferences and conventions, LACYPAA unites young people in the greater Los Angeles area through service and by providing a forum for young people to become more involved in Alcoholics Anonymous. LACYPAA is the perfect example of why the Los Angeles recovery community for young people is so unique and so well-regarded.


Endless Opportunities for Fun and Entertainment


For an addict, living life without drugs or alcohol can be extremely challenging as well as infinitely rewarding. Recovery from addiction is far more than just abstinence; it is about developing and maintaining a joyful life free from addiction. Before getting sober, drugs and alcohol are a major factor in social events. Los Angeles though, offers countless ways for people to have fun while abstaining from using or drinking. Learning to have sober fun is key to maintaining long-term sobriety in addiction recovery. In active addiction, people often lost interest in things that were once enjoyable. For teens and young adults in early recovery, having fun without the influence of drugs and alcohol may seem impossible. The truth is, there are countless ways for people to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Many individuals in recovery admit that they have more fun sober than they ever did while drinking and using. With beautiful weather and countless cultural attractions, Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Here are 10 fun sober activities in Los Angeles:


  1. Hiking: Runyon Canyon, Solstice Canyon, Temescal Canyon, etc
  2. Surfing in the South Bay and Malibu
  3. Vising the Manhattan Beach Pier and Santa Monica Pier
  4. Paddle Boarding in Redondo Beach
  5. Vising Museums throughout the L.A. area: LACMA, MOCA, Broad, the Getty, etc
  6. Enjoying a day at the many beaches in Los Angeles
  7. Shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica
  8. First Fridays on Abbott Kinney, Venice
  9. Attending a yoga class
  10. Frequenting farmer’s markets throughout the L.A. area

Opportunities to Grow


Another important fact to take into consideration when getting sober young and choosing a sober living is the opportunity for future growth that a location provides. Los Angeles has a lot to offer in this sense. With a number of respected community colleges with high transfer rates like Santa Monica College and El Camino College, there is ample room for beginning an academic career. There are also a number of esteemed private universities available for students that may already have spent some time in college and for those that have reached a point where they are completing their initial years at a community school. The University of Southern California, The University of California at Los Angeles, Pepperdine, California State University Dominguez Hills and Loyola Marymount University are all great schools in the Los Angeles area that welcome students transferring in from community college.

When it comes to employment, Los Angeles is also one of the areas that consistently has jobs available for young people. Whether it is an internship in a field that will become a big picture career, or an entry level position serving tables or doing sales, young people in Los Angeles have the ability to make substantial income in the area while staying rooted in their recovery community because of the many options available when it comes to AA meetings.


Learning to Live Life Without Drugs and Alcohol


For an addict, learning to live life without drugs and alcohol can be both a challenge and infinitely rewarding. In addition to some of the most well known and well regarded treatment centers in the world, Los Angeles offers one of the largest recovery communities in a city with endless activities and opportunities. It is imperative that people in recovery, especially teens and young adults, establish connections with others in recovery and find ways to have fun. Having fun in recovery while staying rooted in the internal work necessary to stay sober is essential and offers the best chance for achieving long-term sobriety. Do you have any experience with Los Angeles sober living or trying to get sober somewhere without such an established community? We would love to hear about it in the comments section below!


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