How to Find the Right Drug Addiction Treatment

How to find the right drug addiction treatment

How to Find the Right Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction is one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders seen in society today. A major study found that the lifetime chance of an American developing substance abuse or dependence disorder is 15 percent for alcohol and 6 percent for all other drugs. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse issues it is imperative that you seek help as soon as possible. It is recommended that you seek help from a mental health professional. With so many drug addiction treatment facilities available, many want to know how to find the right drug addiction treatment program.


Does My Child Need Drug Addiction Treatment?


Before looking for the right drug addiction treatment program it is important to first determine if a loved one is in fact abusing drugs or alcohol. If you are a parent and you are concerned your child is abusing drugs or alcohol, chances are high that your parental intuition is correct. Although addiction can happen at any age, it generally begins to develop during the adolescent years. If your child is using drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences, he or she may be suffering from addiction. It important for concerned parents and family members to educate themselves about addiction, signs of substance abuse issues and the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is a complex yet treatable disease. Addiction treatment offers the best opportunity for an addicted individual to experience both emotional and physical recovery.


What Makes a Good Rehab?


There are thousands of drug addiction treatment facilities throughout the U.S. What makes a good rehab? How can you measure the success of an addiction treatment facility? There are many factors to consider when choosing an addiction treatment program. It is important to understand that there is no single treatment that is right for everyone. Each addicted individual has unique needs that must be addressed throughout the treatment process. It is important to find a treatment program that appreciates and can address the individual needs of each addicted person. A good rehab with offer a safe, confidential, and drug free environment that is conducive for sobriety. A good rehab will have a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that is able to provide support and encouragement throughout the recovery process. A good rehab will monitor drug usage throughout the program, this many include random drug testing and breathalyzer testing.


How Long is Rehab?


The duration of treatment program varies. Some programs are 28 days, others are 90 and some offer 1 year or 18 month programs. When choosing an addiction treatment facility, it is important to know that the longer an individual stays in treatment the better their chance at success will be. That is why in recent years, many people are opting out of shorter luxury rehab options and choosing to send their loved ones to structured sober living programs that offer long term drug treatment programs. This is especially true for adolescents and young adults. Long term treatment provides the addicted individual with the opportunity to address their substance abuse issues, the underlying issues that contributed to the development of their substance abuse issues, and address issues that may arise over the course of the treatment program.


Will My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?


Fortunately, addiction is being recognized as a medical condition. Many insurance companies offer some form of coverage for individuals enrolled in an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer assistance for individuals residing in a sober living home in California.


Should My Loved One Go to Sober Living After Treatment?


Recovery has no finish line. Recovery is far more than just abstinence from drug and alcohol use. In order for an individual to achieve long-term sobriety, aftercare is an essential component in addiction recovery. There are various forms of aftercare programs that can effectively assist an individual in the early stages of recovery. Sober living homes and outpatient treatment programs are two effective forms of addiction aftercare treatment. Sober living homes provide a safe environment for addicted individuals to receive support and encouragement during a vulnerable period of time. Outpatient treatment programs offer flexibility for individuals who need to tend to daily responsibilities, work and home life.


If your loved one has received treatment at an inpatient rehab facility, it is highly recommended that they continue their treatment in a sober living facility. As previously stated, the longer an individual remains in treatment, the greater their chance at achieving long-term sobriety. New Life House has been helping men overcome addiction and substance abuse issues since 1985. If you have any questions about addiction or aftercare programs, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 357-7577, we are here to help.