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Confronting your child on the confirmation or even merely the suspicion of drug use can be a difficult and oftentimes scary prospect. We want to be able to talk to our children about anything, and drug use should be no exception. So how do you confront your child’s drug use?

Be A Parent, Not A Friend

Drugs are available to children at younger and younger ages each and every year. It is not unheard of to catch your 10 or 11-year-old starting to smoke marijuana. At this point, most parents have developed a pattern of express disapproval.

Silent disapproval can be the worst course of action in this situation. Not expressly making your intentions known to your child can give them an ‘out’ thinking that it’s ok. Peer motivation is a powerful combatant and you must be armed with the facts.

Have A Straightforward Conversation

Talk to your child about the information you already have about their drug use. Don’t be judgmental. State your case as to why it’s clear that your child has been using drugs, and be careful not to let your emotions take sway and cause you to raise your voice or embellish your story.

Following this, reassure your child that they are safe in having a conversation about it with you. Scaring away your child with judgment or punishment will only exacerbate the problem. Tell them you want to help them make better choices and ask what’s going on from their side.

There is Help Available

Some children, especially teenagers who have been using drugs for a period of time will still be defiant. Perhaps you have already been down the road of attempting a conversation with your child to no avail. There is still hope and help available for these situations.

Depending on the types of drugs your child may be using, their best course of action may be a long-term treatment plan. The disease of addiction is a serious thing, and talking to a professional to help point you in the right direction can be beneficial. For more information about drug use and recovery, call us at (888)357-7577.


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