How do I know if someone is on Meth?

How to tell if someone is on Meth


A lot of drug addicts, especially meth addicts, will go to great lengths to hide the signs of their drug abuse. Hiding drug abuse requires a lot of dedication that can more often than not unravel if friends or family know what to look for.

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Meth typically takes the form of ‘crystals’, pictured above. Photo via Wikipedia.

Symptoms of Meth Abuse


Although different drugs have different physical effects, common symptoms of meth abuse are fairly similar. Here are some key behaviors and signs to keep your eyes, ears and nose open to:



Physical Symptoms – Some easy-to-spot physical symptoms are bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, constant sniffing, itching and injection marks.

In and Out Quickly – This includes constant visits at random times of the day or night for short bursts of time (and may mean that there is a buy/sell occurring). You might know this person or you won’t – a dealer or friend is popping by to drop something off or pick something up.

Change in Sleep Patterns – either sleeping longer than usual, nodding out at the dinner table/during conversations, etc., staying awake until the early hours of the morning, unable to wake up early, sleeping during the middle of the day or not sleeping much at all.

Change in Physical Appearance – People abusing alcohol and drugs can go through a variety of physical appearance changes. Some will gain or lose a lot of weight rapidly. People once taking pride in their grooming will look disheveled and sloppy. Meth addicts may have sores on their face and body and be unable to stop them selves from picking at them.

Rapid mood swings – Taking into account the personality of your family member, friend or co-worker, watch for behavior that’s off the beam. If they are normally shy and withdrawn and suddenly they are the life of the party, something’s up.

Isolation, Withdrawal and Secrets – A common symptom addict’s share is feeling lonely. Their solution to this is to pull away – seems strange but it’s true. They may also suffer from degrees of paranoia and may become increasingly private, locking their doors and whispering into the telephone.

Drug Paraphernalia – Drug paraphernalia is a black and white method for confirming the signs of drug use and abuse (keep in mind that addicts and alcoholics will most likely lie when confronted with drug paraphernalia but it’s rock solid evidence that someone in the vicinity is drinking and using).

A glass pipe used to smoke meth.

Various paraphernalia used to inject meth.


Meth is a Rising Concern


It’s no secret that these days that meth abuse is a rising problem. Even though there may be plenth of people who are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without becoming addicted, meth abusers typically are not able to draw the line and eventually their addiction will catch up with them.


If you’re worried that a loved one maybe abusing drugs the first thing to know is some telltale signs of drug abuse. If you or someone you know needs help from meth addiction, do not hesitate to contact us at (888)357-7577.