How do I know if someone is on Heroin?

How do I know if someone is on Heroin?


For many drug addicts, especially those using harder drugs such as meth and heroin, go to a lot of trouble to hide their addiction. Despite this, there are plenty of signs that may point to the drug habits and behavior.


Heroin typically comes in two forms, "black tar" or "china white".

Heroin typically comes in two forms, “black tar” or “china white”.

Signs of Heroin Addiction


If you suspect that a friend, family member or loved one is using heroin, there are definite signs to watch for.


• Being tired, then being alert
• Difficulty breathing
• Marks on arms or toes from injection, track marks
• Skin infections or boils
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Small, constricted pupils
• Inability to pay attention or spacey
• Lack of motivation
• Isolating from friends, family members and loved ones
• Hanging out with a new group of people whom are kept secret
• Disorientation
• Poor motor function
• Miscommunication, trouble speaking, slurring speech
• Lack of memory, forgetting things or not remembering important events or matters
• Long, droopy, heavy extremities, moving slowly
• Lack of interest in the future or what comes next
• Unkempt self-image, lack of hygiene or taking care of one’s self


Consider Treatment Options for Heroin


Hiding drug abuse requires a lot of dedication that can more often than not unravel if family and friends are educated and know what to look for. Heroin requires more than just a firm hand if you or someone you love requires treatment. Be aware that use of drugs such as Subutex or Suboxone are often not enough to get the person’s dependence on opiates entirely lifted. Oftentimes this is considered simply trading out one addiction for another.


Some of the best advice can be heard from other parents or loved ones of addicts. Be sure to investigate Al-Anon meetings and hear how other addicts were able to recover. For more information about heroin detox and al-anon, do not hesitates to call us at (888) 357-7577.