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A lot of parents may be unfamiliar with the process of recovery from drugs, which usually starts with drug detox. Knowing if your child needs detox is one of the first decisions you may have to make when seeking help for your loved one. But you may be asking yourself, how do I know if my child needs drug detox?

Drug Detox is Just the Beginning

When looking for help with your child or loved one, it may be suggested upon an assessment that they go to detox. Typically detox is needed for drugs such as Xanax, Heroin and Alcohol, depending on how long they have been used, the frequency of use as well as the quantity. But it is important to note that this is typically only the first step on the path to recovery from drug addiction.

Upon discharge from detox, typically a drug rehabilitation or treatment center for a period of 30-90 days is suggested, followed yet again by a drug aftercare program such as a sober living environment or a halfway house.

Be A Parent, Not A Friend

Drugs are available to children at younger and younger ages each and every year. It is not unheard of to catch your 10 or 11-year-old starting to smoke marijuana. At this point, most parents have developed a pattern of express disapproval.

Silent disapproval can be the worst course of action in this situation. Not expressly making your intentions known to your child can give them an ‘out’ thinking that it’s ok. Peer motivation is a powerful combatant and you must be armed with the facts.

Have A Straightforward Conversation

Talk to your child about the information you already have about their drug use. Don’t be judgmental. State your case as to why it’s clear that your child has been using drugs, and be careful not to let your emotions take sway and cause you to raise your voice or embellish your story.

Following this, reassure your child that they are safe in having a conversation about it with you. Scaring away your child with judgment or punishment will only exacerbate the problem. Tell them you want to help them make better choices and ask what’s going on from their side.

Aftercare After Drug Detox is Important

It is this aftercare component that is crucial when considering what plan of action to put forth in terms of drug addiction recovery. It is important to note that drug addiction is a lifelong disease, and much time and care is needed to lay a solid foundation for recovery. Aftercare programs excel at this.

An aftercare program such as a structured sober living can help instill life skills and lay the groundwork for a solid foundation in recovery. Though it may be difficult for young adults and adolescents to grasp the concept of complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol, these programs can help shed light on why recovery is life-saving.

Drug Detox Does Not Fix Drug Addiction

Drug detox is the process by which toxins are removed from the body, but aftercare programs help establish a foundation in recovery to help prevent relapse. It is extremely important to grasp this prospect, as drug addiction requires a life-long recovery process.

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