How do I know if my child has a drug addiction?

How do I know if my child has a drug addiction?


Being concerned that your child has a drug addiction can be a terrifying and serious prospect. Some parents may take an active approach while others may be lost in denial. Regardless of the situation, there is hope for those lost in the grips of drug addiction.


Drug addiction is a serious and life-threatening disease.

Drug addiction is a serious and life-threatening disease.

Signs of Drug Addiction


There are many signs to watch out for when someone you love is addicted to drugs. Oftentimes, when one is lost in the disease of addiction, they leave and show many tell-tale signs that point to what kind of drugs they may be using.


You may look for physical signs like drug paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, baggies, burned spoons, syringes or balloons. There are also many symptoms they may show through their actions such as lying, isolating, changes in physical appearance, bloodshot or dilated pupils or itching and injection marks.


Drug Addiction is for Life


It is important to know that very rarely do serious drug addicts recover if they continue to consume any kind of drug or alcohol. They may often insist that their only problem is with prescription pill and continue to drink.


The disease of addiction stays with a person for their entire life. It is important to remember this when you look for help for yourself or your loved one, that rehab cannot simply ‘fix’ a person. They assist with finding a new lifestyle and building better habits to leave drugs and alcohol behind and find a successful new life.


Where can you get help for drug addiction?


Help for drug addiction is available almost anywhere. That being said, there is much to learn about the disease of addiction, and your best way of fighting it is education.


Learning more about the disease of addiction and how it is a life-long recovery process can help immensely before looking for treatment options. For more information about drug addiction and recovery, call us at (888)357-7577.