How can I understand Drug Addiction?

How can I understand Drug Addiction?


Understanding the disease of drug addiction is the first step to taking action against it. It is important to note that education is your biggest advocate when making decisions for you or your loved one when dealing with a drug or alcohol problem.

Education about drug addiction can oftentimes be your child's best defense.

Education about drug addiction can oftentimes be your child’s best defense.

Why do people use drugs?


Teens and young adults begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol for a variety of different reasons: curiosity, because their friends are doing it, to be included in a social group, to have fun or to enhance athletic performance.


Some youngsters try drugs and alcohol because they are seeking relief from problems like stress, depression, anxiety, poor self-image and underlying mental health issues that may still be undetected.


Why do some teens become addicted while others do not?

Genes, family history, mental health and social environment all play their part in a person’s vulnerability to addiction and this is different for everyone. Here are some risk factors that increase vulnerability:


• Family history of addiction
• Abuse, neglect, or other traumatic experiences in childhood
• Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety
• Early use of drugs
• Method of dispensation (smoking, snorting or injecting a drug may increase its addictive potential


Where can you get help for drug addiction?


Addiction is a complex illness characterized by uncontrollable drug use. Parents have a hard time understanding why their child won’t stop. They see their child’s potential and wonder why he or she toying with dangerous substances when they’ve heard how harmful they are? What parents may not understand is that true addicts and alcoholics can’t stop.

Detoxification services are available in most cities, but bear in mind that this does not completely fix the problem. For a true addict or alcoholic, leaving the drugs behind is just the beginning and sobriety is often the only answer for success. For more information about drug addiction and recovery,, call us at (888)357-7577.