His New Life Away From Home

His New Life Away From Home

It has been years since I have started a new year with this much hope! Our family has been dealing with the repercussions of addiction for such a long time, the recovery process has been as long a road for my husband and I as it has been for our son, Jackson.

We moved to the Chicago area in 2010 when my husband retired from the Marine Corps, to live near our extended family. At that time I thought life was about to get easier for all of us without the stresses of perpetual deployments and moving every few years. I was SO wrong! Two of our three sons go in with the wrong crowd and started using drugs and drinking. Jackson was out of control and the older he got, the harder it was to set limits. He was lying to us, stealing, bringing strange women into the house in the middle of the night, and driving drunk. Nothing we said or did made any difference to him and we started to isolate from family and friends because our home had become a war zone. We finally had to ask him to leave our home and pray that he would choose recovery. We heard about New Life House from friends at Families Anonymous and when Jackson came to us with no place left to turn, we got him out to California as soon as we could. When I dropped him off at the house and got to my hotel room, I slept for 16 hours straight!

Although it took time for him to see the benefits of sobriety, we started to see changes in him soon after his arrival to the house. Over the last year, we have watched him change from a self-centered child to a compassionate, confident man! We could not be more proud of him for his hard work or more grateful to all of the men at New Life House for their commitment to recovery and to each other. Jackson is now a graduate, about to start a whole new life far away from family, but we know he will be just fine with the support of all his new brothers at New Life House.

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  • Michelle Wilkes
    Posted at 01:47h, 20 March Reply

    I am in such a lonely dark place right now. I have been dealing with my 23 yr old sons addictions for about 5 years now. By the time I realized he truly had a problem…it was heroine. Several rehabs later he was doing amazing. He was living in a sober living apartment with guys his age dealing with addiction; working a full time job; and had just gotten a new car. Then he met a girl; decided he wanted his own apartment and moved in with her. That lasted about six months. Now he has moved back home because he quit his job and could not afford the apartment anymore. He is now on meth. In fact at one point I believe he was even dealing it. I was the mom that was always finding the stuff in his room and just throwing it out; only there would be more in its place days later. He has stolen almost everything from my house. He has no true friends. The group he hangs out with are going to be the very ones that will enable his death. I simply can not deal with this anymore. I love him with all of my heart; but I know what he has become. A master manipulator that will steal or do whatever he needs to get what he NEEDS, It is killing me to turn my back on him but I am at the end of my rope. I have tried to discuss going back into treatment with him but he is just not ready for that…he always has an excuse. I KNOW he will not survive on his own. As smart as he THINKS he is….he will end up hurt. He has no where to go….I mean literally no where. When I get mad and tell him to leave; he will leave for the night….only to be in my driveway asleep in his car by daybreak. I am allowing him to stay here tonite because of bad weather in our area…but then he has to find somewhere else to stay…..but he has burned every bridge he has…..but tells me he has something worked out…where he can crash. I told him that his life will never change until he goes back into treatment and gets away from this area once and for all. He reply was only that he was not ready to go right now. Why?? What do you have here?? Nothing. I need help so desperately. I have no one to turn to.

    • Derek Free
      Posted at 16:36h, 20 March Reply

      Michelle, thank you for telling your story and your emotional honesty. Please visit some of the resources on our website and take a look at New Life House’s program, we may be a good fit for your son. Hundreds of men have graduated from our program and gone on to live successful, sober lives with long term-recovery. You also may contact us directly to talk to one of our intake coordinators at (888)357-7577. Even if we cannot help you directly, we can definitely point you and your son in the right direction!

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