Help! My Child is Using Heroin

Help! My Child is Using Heroin

Help! My child is using heroin! This often-startling discovery is never fun for any parent to uncover, but there are definite and helpful actions that can be taken when faced with this difficult reality. The next question in this scenario is invariably, “What do I do?” The answer is to educate yourself, take action towards getting your child help, and potentially reaching out to an addiction specialist to help navigate through the process.

Parents Need Drug Addiction Education


The first thing to be done as a parent is to begin to educate yourself. The internet is a powerful resource, and you can find all sorts of useful information regarding heroin abuse. What are the effects of chronic use? What does physical addiction look like and mean? What different ways are people abusing the drug? This is all important information to have because once you are equipped with basic knowledge you will be much more able to address perhaps the most important question of your child’s specific situation.

Taking Action is Key


The next step is taking action as soon as possible. Getting your child help quickly can prevent the dangerous and often fatal situations that arise with heroin abuse from taking place in your home. Heroin addiction has a couple of different components to it however, that should be both understood and addressed when it comes to getting your child help.

The Physical Component of Heroin Addiction


In order to effectively deal with heroin addiction you have to address the mind, and the body.

First, not everyone who is using heroin will have the same level of physical addiction. Therefore, addressing the body component may be different for everyone. If however, your child is using to a degree, which has led them to experiencing withdrawal effects when going without the drug, they may need to be medically detoxed before any further action is taken. This is a process where they are placed under medical supervision and given a period of time, usually 3 to 6 days, to safely and comfortably withdraw from the drug. The reality is that little to no internal work can be done with an individual until they have gone through the preliminary withdrawal stages, and the medical environment that a hospital or residential detox facility provides can be extremely beneficial. Not everyone who is using heroin will need to take this step though, and so it is important to have an understanding of what your child’s use looks like.

The Mental Aspects of Heroin Addiction


Second, and most importantly if your child is going to have any long-term success with staying off of heroin, the mind needs to be addressed. This is where a long-term recovery community comes in. There are different options when it comes to dealing with this aspect of heroin addiction, but traditionally for young people, a recovery community is one of the most effective choices. This is because of the high level of peer support provided and the chance that your child will get to dig into and uncover the reasons behind their drug use in order to make the changes that will free them from following the same path a second time. Because of this, a recovery community is usually recommended for addressing the mind and helping to promote healthy behaviors to replace the old unhealthy ones.

Come Up With a Game Plan


While this straightforward approach can be very effective, parents sometimes have trouble with confronting the problem in their home. It can be scary and foreign territory to sit your child down and try to coordinate these types of solutions. If you need help, it is important to reach out to someone that has experience in dealing with these types of scenarios. Calling New Life House is one option when it comes to getting direction and coming up with a game plan to get your child the help they need. There are also a variety of addiction specialists that you can reach out to, who will be able to guide and direct you when it comes to confronting the problem with your child.

The Bottom Line About Heroin Addiction


The bottom line is that heroin abuse is never something that you can afford to mess around with. If you find out that your child is using heroin, you can do something to help! Taking the appropriate action to get them into a healthy and recovery focused community, and potentially getting them medically detoxed, go a long way towards dealing with the issue and preventing terrible situations. If you need help, New Life House is available, as are a variety of other addiction specialists. Don’t waste time by not taking action if you find out your child is using heroin.


  • Debbie O-A
    Posted at 09:24h, 21 January Reply

    Very helpful article Howard. The very word, “heroin”, elicits a plethora of emotions and education is one way of battling it’s darkness. Thank you!

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