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A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Lifestyle

I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Into The Heart of Addiction, and I can’t wait to begin this journey to health with all of you! I am incredibly passionate about health and wellness and I love when I can share and help others to live fuller, more vivacious and beautiful lives.

Sobriety for me is about so much more than just staying clean. It’s about honoring my body and living the healthiest lifestyle possible, ensuring that my mind, body, and spirit are all cared for. Living a healthy and conscious lifestyle has been an integral part of my recovery from the very beginning, and I truly believe that the healthier our bodies are, the healthier our heads are as well.

So what do I mean by a “healthy lifestyle”? For each individual the definition will vary, but for me it means eating clean, staying active, and being in tune with my myself. I spent years while I was using totally disconnected from my body, abusing and neglecting it. The way that I live today is almost like a living amends to myself- a chance to make up for the havoc that I wreaked.

Each week I will be sharing recipes, workouts, tips and more all geared towards recovery and wellness. Knowledge is power, and I can’t wait to empower you in your sobriety! Make sure that you come visit me over at my blog, My Life as Maya for even more “fitspiration”, and always remember that a healthy body equals a healthy mind!

  • Jason R.
    Posted at 13:05h, 21 April Reply

    For me, a healthy lifestyle is imperative for me and my recovery. I made a decision on the day I got sober to better my life and get out from the vicious cycle I was in. To me, this meant not only building on spiritual principles but also to strive for perfection in other facets of my life. I live strongly under the mantra, if i’m not moving forwards I’m moving backwards. Eating healthy and exercising regularly have become bedrocks in my program. Sobriety is about building happiness and maintaining longevity, thus, these are instruments in moving forward with a positive frame of reference. Thank you so much for the article, I think its really important to spread the word!

    • Maya Thayer
      Posted at 10:53h, 22 April Reply

      Good for you Jason-it’s all about moving forwards. When we stop working and growing, we stop living! What we put in our body is as important as the people we surround ourselves with. Keep it up!

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