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Getting Sober Young- Chelsea S.

Getting sober young and finding success in sobriety isn’t something that is limited to just guys. While there are a lot of young men who have been able to use their sobriety as a platform for reaching goals and making their dreams realities, there are also female success stories.

Chelsea S. is one of those stories. Getting sober young can carry its own set of challenges for women, especially in early recovery, and it is inspiring to see girls carrying the message of AA while living exciting and driven lives. I had the chance to ask Chelsea some questions about her experience, and what her life looks like today.


What did your rock bottom look like before you found Alcoholics Anonymous?


I was sitting in my bed dope sick and my dad came and held me while I cried. He told me I should probably get sober soon because his dad died a year older than he was at that time. That killed me. That same time period I wanted to move to Germany so that I could take my addiction to the next level. I was thinking of slowly killing myself by shooting Crocodil in the safe shooting galleries that they have there. That was my best idea.


What was your first 30 days sober like?


My first 30 days of recovery were extremely hard, but I was so incredibly desperate. I did whatever it was that the girls before me had done to get some type of serenity and self-love.


Describe your moment of clarity.


I didn’t have a moment of clarity per say, it came over time with several separate epiphanies.


What’s one of the coolest things you’ve had the chance to do in sobriety?


Recently I got the chance to go to Bali on a trip with my best friend who is also sober. We had the time of our lives and that would have never happened had my priorities still been drinking and drugging.


What are your “wildest dreams” and are they being realized or have they already?


My wildest dreams now would be to live in the Venice Canals with my future husband and adorable children. So far my life has exceeded what I thought I wanted. I get to live alone in Venice on the beach and I run a business. I love my life today.


What does your professional life look like today? How has recovery helped you handle it?


My professional life is busy. I manage a hair salon and I sober companion. Without program and the tools there is no way I would have either of the jobs to begin with. But dealing with people can be very difficult at times and with the steps and a design for living, it makes it manageable.


How has recovery helped your relationships?


I wouldn’t have relationships if I didn’t have the program. Everything has changed and I’d have to say the most important thing for me that has changed has been my honesty level, and the way I communicate with others. These two things together make for a healthy long lasting relationship of any kind, from family and friends to romance.


Thanks Chelsea!


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