Fun in Sobriety: Knott’s Scary Farm

In order to help promote the importance of having fun in sobriety and to support the sober young people’s community in Los Angeles, every so often New Life House puts on special events. We invite our family, sober friends, and urge those who are newly sober to join us for a good time and introduce them to like-minded individuals striving for a new lifestyle free from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction.

Knott’s Scary Farm


This year for Halloween New Life House took 250 young people to Knott’s Scary Farm, a night event at the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park. Ghouls and monsters crept the dimly lit park filled with haunted mazes, spooky events, shows, and roller coasters ran in complete darkness. The evening was filled with screams and laughter abound, as individuals in our community were able to grow bonds as well as forge new ones as they traversed the haunted theme park.

New Life House sponsored the event by providing tickets to not only those affiliated directly with our program, but also anyone new in sobriety and involved in the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Discounted/scholarship tickets were available for those who wanted to attend but could not afford it, leaving no one behind. Though we had a fantastic turnout and the event was a great success.

For our complete album of the event, visit our Facebook page.


Fun in Sobriety


Having fun in sobriety is a concept very important and very misunderstood by those who are newly sober. I know for myself, I was convinced that I would always have more fun being loaded than I ever would without drugs. Even when I first got sober, I was willing to admit that even if my life wouldn’t have as much fun, the trade-off would be that at least it wouldn’t be as bad as it had been toward the tail-end of my using career.

Much to my surprise, I have found that I have had just as much, and even more fun now than I ever had prior to getting sober. The difference is freedom. I no longer have the guilt, shame, and secrets shrouding my ability to enjoy myself. If anything, I am more in-tune with the fact that drugs merely allowed me to have fun, because without them I was left with my thoughts of dread and suspicion that those closest to me would find out what I was doing. I am now able to have fun not as a distraction from my life, but as part of my lifestyle.


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