Fun in Sobriety for Young Adults

Often we can feel quite alone when recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, but the truth is that many of us have families that want to offer support. Often they just don’t know what to do, or they may think we don’t want their help. Once we open those lines of communication, we find that our families do want to support us – and with their support, we have a greater chance of preventing a relapse and keeping our recovery on track

Attraction, attraction, attraction! Sobriety has got to be attractive and one ultimately needs to feel good and excited towards their recovery. This excitement towards new growth and experiences replaces the empty void many addicts and alcoholics once filled with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, these days there are recovery centers and support groups that are geared towards young adults.

Young men and women benefit from participating in a community of like-minded people they can relate to and identify with. Being new in recovery, young adults need to feel a sense of belonging as they begin to change their old lifestyles and behaviors. Southern California is home to some of the biggest recovery communities for young adults. These recovery communities are 12 Step based meetings and fellowships that host exciting young people events and activities regularly.

Social stigmas and pressures influence young adults greatly. Most young addicts and alcoholics associate with peers who share similar lifestyles and interests. Now in recovery, young adults need new friends who share the same priorities and lifestyles as well. Peer support isn’t just important to a successful recovery, it is attractive as well.

Young adults need to have fun. If one couldn’t have fun in sobriety, they would not stay sober. Fortunately, there are events, activities, dances and fellowships for young adults in sobriety all over Southern California. Coupled with a support system, young adults learn that they can have fun in sobriety and participate in a community that is based around healthy living.

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