Having Fun in Drug Treatment Aftercare

When I was out drinking and using and started to hit my bottom, I thought I was completely doomed to a miserable existence. The drugs and alcohol kept me from having a real fulfilling life but in no way shape or form could I imagine having a life without them. The only way that I knew how to have fun was by getting high, and being sober and having fun was not even a possibility. When I came into New Life drug treatment aftercare I thought that my life of fun was done and I was never going to be happy again.

Then I saw the guys at the house with time and they were laughing, truly happy and I knew that they had something that I wanted. I came to realize through working the steps and gaining a sense of who I am, then gaining that freedom from my disease of alcoholism, that I can have more fun than I ever thought possible. Today I get to have real relationships with friends that know who I am and I can enjoy people’s company and not just hang out with them because we’re both using the same substance as each other.

Sobriety was never something that I thought I wanted but now that I am sober and have seen what my life is compared to what it was; I never want to go back. I have gotten to go to New York with my family and visit all the sites and enjoy the city for what it is. I get to go do activities like surfing, skating, and snowboarding, all of these things I have a passion for that I lost when I was using. I think my favorite experiences I have had having fun in sobriety are just the times when I get to sit around with my brothers in the house and talk. All of these are things that I had lost touch with when I was deep in my disease and I am so grateful I get to have real fun today in my sobriety.

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