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For me, in the past, the holidays were a blast. The reasons I say this are one, they were very calm and relaxing hanging out with my parents and grandparents. Ever year when I was a young boy we would dress up and go to a Christmas Eve mass and for me, this was a very good thing I always looked forward to going with my grandparents. Afterward, we would get some sort of food, and at night I would get to open one present before Christmas, I would always choose the biggest one that I saw in the front. On Christmas, we would have a feast of ham and other delicious food.

Once I began my use things began to fall apart as it is apparent now, I would always come up with an excuse to not be present or even come to the saying I will be there and I would never show up and I would ignore their phone calls. This caused a lot of stress on myself and my family. I say this because I’m sure they were looking forward to seeing me on the holidays and to me I would say the exact opposite.

This will be my first holiday that I am sober for in a very long time, even though I am from out of the state I can still look forward to being a part of a family get together. All of the sober men in the house have given me the hope of having the pleasure to be a part of something and that feeling is a warm and welcomed one. Even though my family cannot make it out to see me this year I can look forward to seeing them in the future sober and I can once be a part of my own family. This house has been a blessing and I am very happy to be a part of something this holiday.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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