Why Do Young People Have Fear of Sobriety?

Getting sober is one of, if not the, hardest decision a young person has to make. True, for some it comes easier than others but ultimately there are many fears and apprehensions that go behind making the decision to give up drugs and alcohol for good. Yet what is it about making this decision that is so difficult when it is so clearly the right one?

Many young people have the same types of fears before they get sober. Here are some common ones and why they are nothing to be scared of:

Fear of Losing Relationships


It may be true that many of our friends before we get sober still drink, will continue to drink and do not even have a problem with alcohol themselves. But it is important to remember that the decision to get sober is the individual’s, and theirs alone. If these people truly care about them and their well-being, then getting sober should be something to congratulate them on rather than berate them for it.

Fear of Boredom


Many young people think that sobriety means no more fun. Going to a party or hanging out and getting high took up much of their time and the prospect of it not being there any longer is frightening. It is important to remember that the addict’s sense of ‘fun’ has been warped down to the psychological level and that they did indeed have fun before ever finding drugs and that it is something that can be attained yet again.

Fear of Letting People Down


A lot of young people believe that going to treatment or deciding to get sober will actually hurt their reputation, or that they will lose trust from their friends. Typically, those closest to the addict are already aware of their behavior and the act of making this decision will be seen as the first step of becoming a more respected, trustworthy person than one who does not deserve as much respect.

Fear of Detox


A huge reason addicts fear getting sober, especially those utilizing narcotics and hard drugs, are because of the detoxification and withdrawal symptoms that come along with no longer using. Many have heard horror stories or witnessed in films just how bad it can be and they fear they will not be able to handle it. The reality is, medically supervised detox services help ensure that even the most difficult symptoms of withdrawal are eased. The alternative of staying addicted is more likely going to take the addict to a much worse place.

End Fear, End Excuses


Fear is more than just avoiding something altogether because we are apprehensive of it, but in many cases fear actually drives our own decision making process. When we think about how any normal person reacts to seeing an automobile accident or a scary movie, fear actually draws us in and keeps us there. The problem with this is that too much of this fear can be paralyzing and can prevent anyone from even attempting sobriety.

More often than not, it is only after that person has experienced enough fear from using drugs that they are willing to try a different way of living. When the fear of getting sober no longer outweighs the fear of continuing to use, only then can we take the first step to admitting complete surrender and begin our new path.


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