Family Support

Help for family members of drug addicts can be just as necessary as help for the addicts themselves.

Drug and alcohol addiction are known as the family disease and everyone in the young substance abuser’s immediate universe can be brought to his or her knees by its effects which is why addiction is a disease that has the potential to devastate everyone involved, not just the individual who is afflicted.


It’s important to understand this and seek drug addiction family support for the loved ones who see their family member suffering from the twists and turns of addiction. The way the family functions as a whole, individual relationships within the family and the way these radiate out to friends, school, and community become unhealthy and toxic as the addict or alcoholic succumbs to his illness.


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Find A Support Group Meeting For Families of Drug Addicts

Click on any of the logos below to visit the respective group’s website and find a meeting near you. If you don’t find a meeting you like, try another one!


Codependents Anonymous


a note about support groups for families of drug addicts

12-Step programs like Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and CODA (Co-dependents Anonymous) offer valuable drug addiction help for family members and loved ones of substance abusers.

Accumulated evidence shows that alcoholics and addicts are more successful in their recovery and families are aided in reestablishing healthier relationships with them, when loved ones through participate in 12-Step programs. For this reason, the staff at the New Life House Recovery Community strongly urges family members to become involved in Al-Anon or a similar family of alcoholics support program.

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When a parent discovers their son or daughter is addicted to mood altering substances and/or alcohol they may feel alone, isolated and frustrated. Our recovery blog for parents supplies valuable information, support and guidance during the rocky road of their child’s addiction.

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