Ever Since I Can Remember, He Was Never Like This

Ever Since I Can Remember, He Was Never Like This

Ever since I can remember my son Michael was always a sweet, kind-hearted person, who would do anything to put a smile on someone’s face. Growing up, he was the life of the party, a magnet that everyone was attracted to, he radiated positivity and always brought great energy to those around him. I was never able to fully comprehend drug addiction, even though I come from a family of drug addicts and am the daughter of a raging alcoholic. I never thought for once, that any of my children would become addicts.

Michael never displayed the characteristics of an addict, or perhaps he was just that good at hiding it. In high school he experimented with marijuana, but I didn’t see it as an issue because he maintained good grades and was responsible. I didn’t begin to worry about him until he went to college. His grades began to slip, and then one day we received a frantic phone call from Michael, that something terrible had happened. His best friend had passed away from an overdose. I immediately flew out to check on him, and when I arrived, I did not recognize my son. He had pale skin, black sunken in eyes, and was underweight. That is when I pulled him out of school and sent him to CRI-Help. All the while I could not stop thinking about what had happened to my sweet baby boy.

I thought we were going to be one and done, once he completed CRI-Help, and he showed signs that he was. He was excelling in school and making progress in his career. Only to find out a year and a half later that he had been using the whole time. Time after time we sent him to treatment center after treatment center, only for them to fail. Corey, Paula, myself and Bill are so grateful for New Life House and Brett La Shure, they helped mold Michael into the man he is today and have given me my son back. He is reliable, extremely motivated and holds himself up like he has a newfound purpose in life. He finally has people in his life who are good for him and that is a direct result of the program. This program has taught Michael the tools he needs to survive, and through him learning those tools he has taught us all how we can live happy, joyous, and free.


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