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What is an Educational Consultant?

Educational Consultants help parents with their child’s educational planning. They can be generalists or they can be specialists. An educational consultant who specializes in helping youth with substance abuse issues will help a family find the appropriate primary or secondary treatment to ensure their recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Is An Educational Consultant Certified or Regulated?

Most educational consultants will hold a Ph.D., although it is not a requirement. They usually work on a fee-for-service basis and are paid by the family they are assisting. This is still a relatively small industry, qualified consultants will be members of organizations such as the Independent Educational Consultants Association, but they are not bound by a specific statutory rule.

Educational Consultant

How Will the Certified Educational Consultant Work With the Family?

The specialist will meet with the family and the young adult in an effort to better understand the specific issues pertinent to the case. Particulars such as drug of choice, necessity to detox, legal issues, future court appearances/probation, family co-dependency problems, financial ability of family to pay for primary and/or secondary treatment, geographical location and more are taken into account.


A qualified educational consultant will support the need to allow the young person to recover away from their using territory and will locate an established age and gender specific recovery community. New Life House offers a peer centered recovery community where young adults can confront their addiction, replace unhealthy behavior and relationships with healthy ones and find a purpose driven life with the support of other young adults walking the same path.

How is an Educational Consultant paid?

As a member of the IEC, an educational consultant may not accept a monetary “finders fee” from any establishment. This ensures that their client receives objective, impartial advice. Qualified consultants will also be up to date with their own continuing education to guarantee they stay current regarding changes in trends and other market place factors.


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