Drug Treatment for Teens

Drug treatment for teens requires a complete and thorough search by parents because there are many styles of treatment and facilities that are not appropriate for the younger substance abuser. Teens can be very fragile and easily influenced. The wrong care can do more harm than good to young substance abusers, so it is imperative to do your due diligence.

How to Find Good Drug Treatment for Teens

Reliable and established facilities providing help for teen substance abuse are out there; it’s just up to the parent to locate them. Here are some key ingredients to look for when attempting to find a safe and effective facility:

  • Structured setting away from distractions of old friends and social media
    • A cell phone is a connection to friends who are using drugs, the drug dealer and a connection to the unhealthy friendships and life choices that has contributed to a teen’s trouble. Social media is a source of unrealistic comparisons and a place to participate in triggering party behavior. Removing these tools for the time being allows a needed break from distractions and gives the young substance abuser time to reflect and develop new healthy patterns of behavior.
  • Appropriate counseling
    • Primary treatment centers will either employ a staff of professionals on site, or refer out to professionals should there be dual diagnosis or trauma issues needing to be addressed. Young people come into treatment with many different problems, some will not surface until the alcohol and drugs are out of their system for a significant period of time and might not require immediate counseling. Other teens will need therapy immediately for issues such as cutting, eating disorders, severe trauma, attempting suicide, etc.
  • 12-step education and meetings
    • The 12 step programs are worldwide and available to anyone regardless of age, sex, finances or gender orientation. There are other groups that support recovery, however to date, none have been as successful at keeping so many people sober. 12 step programs are also a source of community and host events, panels for discussion, dances and conventions designed to encourage sober fun.
  • Age and gender specific
    • Some form of gender segregation is optimal when treating teens. This is for their safety. Sexual experimentation and drug abuse can go hand-in-hand and it’s important to put distance between young men and young women to allow healing and implement new behaviors. The same is true with age, issues that teen are facing are much different than the 30, 40 or 50 year old and finding a facility that is expert in treating a specific age is more appropriate.
  • Long term plan for drug rehab aftercare
    • Evidence shows that young people benefit more from a recovery plan that lasts over an extended period of time. They are impulsive and cannot envision a life without a drink or a drug. Finding a community where the young person can continue their recovery supplies them with new, healthy friendships, time to learn techniques to help their sobriety and solidify new behaviors and shows them there are hundreds of others who are walking the same path and having sober fun.

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