Drug Testing


Drug Testing & Addiction Prevention

Drug testing should never be conducted as a stand-alone solution to a young person’s drug problem. If testing is done, it should be one element in a wider range of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. The common goal is to verify, address and curb the young person’s drug and alcohol use.

Why Drug Test Young People?

The younger population is especially vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse, their brains and their bodies are still developing. Repeated abuse can lead to a host of adverse effects on the brain, the body, health, behavior and cause addiction.


Statistics show that the earlier a teen begins using drugs, the more likely they are to develop a substance abuse problem or an addiction. Drug testing can be a compatible tool used to disrupt experimental drug use before it becomes a problem.

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Can Youth “Fake Pass” a Drug Test?

Many drug-using youth are aware of methods that supposedly clean their systems or mask their drug use so they can pass a drug test. The Internet is flooded with tips on how to dilute urine samples, and there are even companies that sell clean urine or products designed to distort test results.


Most of these products do not work, are very expensive, are easily identified in the testing process and need to be on hand constantly, because of the very nature of random testing. Moreover, even if the specific drug is successfully masked, the product itself can be detected, in which case the student using it would become an obvious candidate for additional screening and attention. The other techniques such as herbal supplements, high water consumption, vitamins, Midol, or aspirin to pass a drug test are not known to be effective and can in fact be very dangerous.


Again, drug testing in conjunction with a plan of action, therapy, treatment or living in an established recovery community is more full proof that the test alone. Many young people will go to many lengths to cover their drug use so it’s important that parents have a primary plan of attack and use the drug testing as a supplement.

Drug Testing Methods and Accuracy

There are several testing techniques available that use urine, hair, oral fluids, and sweat (patch). These techniques vary in cost, reliability, drugs detected, and detection period. Tests are very accurate but not 100 percent accurate. Usually samples are divided so if an initial test is positive a confirmation test can be conducted. Federal guidelines are in place to ensure accuracy and fairness in drug testing programs.

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