Drug Rehab Centers Los Angeles

Drug and chemical dependency is very dangerous and may require medical supervision prior to entering a sober living or drug rehab aftercare center. If you’re seeking a drug rehab aftercare center in Los Angeles, contact New Life House at 1-888-357-7577 for support and resources.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles

Drug Rehabilitation Centers or “rehab centers” are fairly generalized terms for the process of both the physical and psychological treatment for psychoactive substances. This treatment process generally includes two-steps. The first is typically a medical process focusing on the detoxification of toxic substances from the body. The second addresses the psychological issues underlying one’s substance abuse.

Drug rehab centers were originally short-term programs (28-days) and focused heavily on behavioral modification. Since then, the understanding of addiction and substance abuse has advanced significantly. New treatment models and recovery philosophies have been proven to help further an individual’s recovery process. These days, most drug rehab centers in Los Angeles implement a more clinical-based approach to drug treatment. This is considered to be a more effective approach to drug treatment than strict behavior modification.

Unfortunately, some drug rehab centers have not evolved alongside these new and proven philosophies. Without adopting these new methods of drug treatment, some drug rehab centers may short-change an individual’s recovery process. Therefore, a crucial step to the recovery process is determining the appropriate Los Angeles drug rehab center for you or your loved one.

Choosing the right drug rehab center can be an overwhelming process. Prior to admitting yourself or a loved one, we strongly encourage you contact us for help and guidance. As proven drug rehab aftercare centers, we have worked alongside numerous drug rehab centers in Los Angeles and throughout the country as well.

Drug Rehab Aftercare/Sober Living in Los Angeles

Simply put, the more time an individual can receive support and guidance in recovery, the better chances he/she has at remaining sober. Drug rehab aftercare centers (sober living homes) were designed to provide an alcohol and drug-free environment for residents in early recovery.

New Life House’s drug rehab aftercare centers expand on this initial philosophy by incorporating an innovative and comprehensive structure that’s geared towards helping men within a peer-based support system. The structure at New Life House aides it’s residents by teaching the life skills and processing techniques necessary to succeed in achieving lifelong recovery. At New Life House, our residents not only quit using mind-altering substances, but they address the underlying causes that lead them to substance abuse and chemical dependency. By addressing these underlying issues, the residents in our drug rehab aftercare centers become self-aware and gain support as they continue to progress in their recovery.

New Life House is proven aftercare for drug rehab centers. Our drug rehab aftercare centers are in the Los Angeles area. If you would like to learn more about our drug rehab aftercare centers call 1-888-357-7577 now. At New Life House, we understand how difficult the drug rehab recovery process can be. We are here to help you or your loved one every step along the way- from a drug rehab center to a quality lifestyle in recovery!