Drug Abuse Counselors


Substance Abuse Counselors

When there is evidence of an addiction to drugs and alcohol, a drug abuse counselor can shed light on the extent of the problem and provide various solutions. Once they have identified the problem they can chart a course of action for the client and their family.

Exactly What Does a Drug and Alcohol Counselor Do?

A drug abuse counselor provides support and treatment options for people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction and other related behavioral disorders. They do not need to have a college degree and many will model their practice after the steps and principles of the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

drug counseling

Some of the unique features of a alcohol and drug abuse counselor are:

    • Evaluate the clients mental, emotional and physical health and willingness to seek treatment


    • Help client develop treatment goals and a course of action


    • Review and recommend treatment options with the family and client based on specific criteria: finances, geographic location, age specific, etc.


    • Support clients in identifying unhealthy behaviors and situations that interfere with recovery and need to be modified in order to establish effective treatment – set the client up for success


    • Educate families about alcohol and drug addiction and provide coping strategies in order to maintain a healthy family system


    • Host outreach programs to inform the population about the dangers of substance abuse and methods of treatment unique to the young addict


    • Help the young addict improve their relationships, finding ways to give a voice to his or her addiction issues and openly discuss them with family and friends

Recognizing the Need For Age & Gender Specific Recovery Community

Young people are driven to further succeed in the sober lifestyle when they are a valued part of a peer-centered recovery. A drug abuse counselor knows that it is essential for the young adult addict and alcoholic to surround themselves with a fun, recovery community driven by the same trials, tribulations and purpose.

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