Drug Abuse Counseling

drug abuse counseling

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Drug abuse counseling is the specialty of the discovery of an apparent substance abuse dependency in an addict and/or alcoholic. Drug abuse counselors will work with the client and their family to find a solution resulting in the treatment, sobriety and recovery from substance abuse. They work with people suffering from dependencies on drugs ranging from alcohol to cocaine to marijuana to heroin and prescription pills.


You Can Find Drug Abuse Counselors in Places Such As:

Research facilities


Educational centers

Mental health facilities

Methadone clinics

Private practice clinics

Detention centers

Drug rehabilitation centers

Detox centers


What Does A Drug Counselor Do? 

Drug abuse counseling consists of an intimate meeting between the drug user and the drug counselor in a therapeutic setting designed to bring to light the degree and dependency of the substance abuse. Drug counselors will use modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy and contingency management to bring about a treatment plan for the addict’s affliction.


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If you know a young adult struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, call 1.888.357.7577 now. The appropriate recovery community supplies a supportive sober living environment and will successfully treat many behavioral issues coupled with drug abuse. Reliable and knowledgeable staff will get back to you shortly.