Does Insurance Pay For Halfway Houses?

When you are searching for halfway houses for yourself or a loved one, the question of how much they cost is often one of the first. The second one would be; does insurance pay for halfway houses?

Why Doesn’t Insurance Pay for Halfway Houses?

Fortunately or unfortunately, insurance companies currently do not pay for halfway houses or any other type of recovery home or sober living. The reality is, California does not offer any kind of licensed certification for halfway houses, and in turn, insurance contracts are not able to be obtained by them.

Despite this, oftentimes treatment centers or outpatients offer some kind of subsidized or possibly even free living environment for their clients. Be aware, this is actually gray area. These services are offered because they know it is convenient, but oftentimes the same level of accountability and care is not offered leaving a place that can actually be detrimental to recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Halfway Houses are Aftercare, Not Treatment

It is important to remember that halfway houses themselves are not treatment, they are aftercare. True treatment plans begin with an inpatient detox and rehab program which is then followed by a sober living environment or a halfway house.

The purpose of this is so that the individual may learn more and educate themselves on addiction within a 30 or 90-day program. This is then typically followed by a halfway house where they can learn the life skills necessary to lead a successful life in long-term recovery.

Help Finding Halfway Houses is Available

Ultimately, a halfway house should be a safe and accountable environment for the individual that is not mitigated by the fact that it is only a secondary option for an individual already in a program. The halfway house should be a dedicated environment filled with like-minded individuals and peers striving for the same goals. Just because a halfway house does not accept various healthcare insurance providers such as Etna, Health Net, Blue Cross of Blue Shield there are many different options available not only around the country, but possibly in your very own state. If you are looking for more information about halfway houses and their affordability, please call our toll-free number at (888)357-7577.