Does Drug Detox Fix Addiction?

Does Drug Detox Fix Addiction?


It is important to note that the process of drug detox only removes toxins from the body. Oftentimes a true addict will revert back to using even after detox if it is not coupled with aftercare.


Drug detox is typically the first step in the road to recovery.

Drug detox is typically the first step in the road to recovery.

Drug Detox Does NOT Fix Addiction


The disease of addiction is life-long, much like cancer or diabetes. An addict is compelled to use if they are not educated on their disease, and more often than not will relapse if drug detox is not followed by some form of rehab or aftercare.


The process of drug detox simply removes toxins from the body that the addict has built up from a history of abuse over a long period of time. Though their body may no longer be addicted after drug detox, their mind still very much is.


Aftercare is Important


More often than not, a drug detox program will suggest an aftercare program for the individual. Or, if you called a rehab first, they may suggest that detox is seen to before they begin the recovery of the mind.


In order for an addict to truly begin to hear and educate themselves on the disease of addiction, their body must first be cleansed. This is why drug detox is still very important, but not the answer.


Educate Yourself on Addiction


There are many resources at your disposal to educate yourself on addiction. This website provides copious amounts of resources related to the disease of addiction, the process of detox and rehab, as well as the importance of sober living and aftercare facilities.


Hope is also important. Within this website you will find a blog with stories from addicts and family members of addicts, sharing their stories of how they overcame the disease of addiction and now lead successful and fulfilling lives. For more information about drug detox and recovery, call us at (888)357-7577.