Demi Lovato – An Inspiration in Addiction Recovery

Born in Dallas, Texas on August 20, 1992, Demi Lovato is an American recording artist, actress and philanthropist.  Bullies plagued Demi’s life as a young girl, so much so that at her request her parents home schooled her through high school.

After much commercial success in the music industry and Hollywood, Demi withdrew from her concert tour in October 2010 and entered a treatment facility to address the physical and emotional issues of bulimia, self-injury and self-medicating.  In April 2011 she further announced a departure from acting in a hit television series to continue the focus on her self-care, returning to work and releasing a new album, Unbroken in September 2011.

Demi Lovato has used her voice to speak out about substance abuse, mental health and issues unique to young women.  Demi is an advocate of self-care, has been diagnosed bi-polar and opted to live in a sober living home for more than one year in an effort to strengthen her recovery and avoid relapse.

Following the release of Unbroken, the lead single Skyscraper was nominated for the “Best Video with a Message,” at the 2012 MTV Music Awards, which she won.  Demi is a spokesperson for anti-bullying organization PACER and a contributing editor for Seventeen magazines, where she discusses her personal struggles, directed towards teenage girls.

Lovato is also the spokesperson for the Join the Surge Campaign!, DoSomething.Org, and Joining the Surge by Clean & Clear, the latter of which is a national campaign that empowers teenagers to take action in their communities.  In May 2013 she was awarded for her dedication as a mentor to teens and young adults with mental health challenges at a National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day hosted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in Washington.  In late June 2013, she announced the creation of the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program, named for her late father, to help people suffering from mental illness by paying for treatment. In August 2013, she traveled to Kenya for her birthday to participate in a program created by international charity organization Free the Children.

Demi Lovato is an inspirational role model for young women in recovery and young people all over the world.  She is a positive demonstration of what it means to face the truth about our selves, taking action to change it and moving forward living the dream, giving back and experiencing first hand, a creative and purpose filled life.

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