Christmas Has Become Peaceful Again!

The Christmas holiday has always been a special time for our family.  We love to celebrate with many traditions.  The decorating of the trees, our Christmas Eve dinner, a Christmas Day Party! And of course, all the food!

The Christmas before our son was at New Life House, we were concerned for Hunter.  He had been experiencing significant anxiety.  He was unable to make it through dinner on Christmas Eve, leaving him feeling guilty and all of us worried about him.  The following Spring, when he came home from college, we were able to really see how bad his anxiety had become.  Within a few months, we witnessed his addiction to alcohol.  Soon after in September, he was admitted to New Life House.  In December was the first Christmas our family would not be together.  As much as we missed Hunter that year, we were grateful to know that he was sober and healthy.  He would be supported by a New Life House Senior Member and be a guest at that family’s home for Christmas.

Last year, as a New Life House Senior Member himself, Hunter was able to come home for Christmas.  We were so grateful he could be home and enjoy our family’s Christmas Dinner. This time we hosted a New Life House “brother” who Hunter was supporting.  It was great to be given the chance to reciprocate.

This year we are excited to have Hunter visiting us during the Christmas holiday.  We see that Hunter’s life is filled with purpose and motivation.  Most recently when Hunter was home for the Thanksgiving holiday we saw him continuing to be engaged and involved with our family.  The visit included hikes with his family and friends and going to the local football game of his high school alma mater.

Christmas has become peaceful again!

by Linda C.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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