Thought Provoking

Although recovery from addiction is a personal journey, a sober community is essential for successful recovery. Most addicts have tried a countless number of times to overcome their addiction by themselves, often with little success. A sober community provides the recovering addict with the necessary support to achieve success in both early and long-term sobriety.
Substance addiction leaves parents questioning themselves. Something’s happening at home but they can’t put their finger on what it is. At first little things turn up missing, a favorite collectible of his sister’s or $5 you thought you had in your wallet.  You don’t pay attention, things get lost, you forget.  Then more items go missing, this time $20 from your wallet and $50 from his sister that she had been saving.  You ask him because he’s the only other one there and the lying starts. 

Effective communication is essential when trying to help a loved one acknowledge their addiction. Addiction is a family disease. Alcoholism and drug addiction affects the whole family. You feel frustrated, confused, and your endless worry has manifested into immense emotional and physical stress. There is hope.

Underage alcohol abuse is apparently on the decline with specific thanks to major brewers and beer importers! During the month of April, the Beer Institute is recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month and the significant progress being made in reducing drunk driving and underage alcohol abuse with their support.
Suboxone abuse is the poster child for replacing one addiction with another. The talk amongst families is that something’s seems horribly wrong. They wonder whether their kids really need to be on Suboxone in the first place and why doctor’s are keeping them on it for so long?