Families and Professionals

This father's experience with Al Anon began as a way to understand his son's addiction. Al Anon allows him to detach from the disease and helps their bond.

When you first realize that a loved one needs to seek treatment for substance abuse, figuring out the right course of action can feel overwhelming. Where do I send them? What kind of help do they need? What is the best type of aftercare or sober living environment? What kind of community would they fit best in?

A “drop-off-recovery-center” mentality does very little to support young addicts and alcoholics in achieving sobriety, in fact it is detrimental to a child's recovery. This is when families drop off their children in treatment and expect them to be returned all fixed up with little or no involvement from the parents.

I sat down for an interview with Rock to Recovery group administrator Sonny Mayo who, together with friend and Rock to Recovery founder, Wes Geer, brings music and the creative process into addiction treatment centers and sober living facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Both Sonny and Wes are working musicians in recovery and convey their passion for sobriety and music in order to heal addiction through song.

One of the instincts that comes with being a parent is the desire to help and protect your child. Most parents will do anything and everything to ensure that their child is happy, healthy and safe.

An interview with Howard Lockie, wellness, sports, spiritual, and recovery coach.  Howard Lockie has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA, coaching clients in recovery to achieve goals and realize dreams.

Guest blogger, Gary Stromberg has an impressive reputation as an author, music industry PR mogul during the 60’s and 70’s, feature film producer and current head of public relations firm, The Blackbird Group. But he lets it be known that his greatest achievement is his sustained recovery from drugs and alcohol for over thirty-one years. His passion for service keeps him in the thick of Alcoholics Anonymous, supporting recovery foundations and in the trenches, both giving and receiving help from people who some think are beyond aid. In Gary’s words…..

When my son first got sober it was recommended I try Al-Anon.   It took me a while but eventually I found an Al-Anon meeting that was a good fit for me. And now Al-Anon is an important part of my life.