Addiction Recovery

I honestly do not know how to keep my ego right-sized on my own. On my own I think that I am god’s gift to the world. Time after time I convince myself that I am special and that I am an exception to the rules of life but time after time I run into the same wall.
Many people in recovery don’t understand the importance of what it means to change everything in sobriety – especially early sobriety. This is especially true where changing “playmates and playgrounds” are concerned. What this means is that to be successful in recovery it’s highly suggested to leave your old friends and neighborhood behind for a substantial amount of time while focusing on early recovery.

Since getting sober I have started to perceive myself in a much different way in many aspects of my life. As opposed to the way I was when I was not sober, I now have a lot of hope for my life and I am taking many of my goals and aspirations seriously. When I was busy being intoxicated and doing whatever I could in order to get what I wanted, I did not feel at peace, nor did I have much self-esteem or self worth. I am now able to see things in my life in a new way, due to being absent from drugs and alcohol and being guided by the house and my brothers.

I grew up in Orange County with a good family and a great childhood. I lived next door to two guys who were older than me that used and sold drugs who had money, the nice cars and everything else. Right away the lifestyle that I saw they had was attractive to me. I chased that life that I saw them living as I got older. It didn’t take me long at all to start using drugs.

The community involved with New Life House has had a tremendous effect on my life so far in sobriety. The many people who come around the house who have already graduated, as well as all of the guys I live with, are supportive in many ways. As I have lived this way of life in the house I have met many people who I can look to for advice, as well as help in any area of my life.

It is very easy for me to understand how having a lot of structure within sober living will help me to transition to living a healthy lifestyle when I move out on my own. The first few things that come to mind is the structure of chores and arranging the things that I plan to do the following day on the evening prior. I find these two aspects of structured sober living to be very beneficial to daily life.

Pete, New Life House graduate, rappels down The Westin in Pasadena to support drug addiction awareness within the Country. Shatterproof Shatterproof is an unprecedented movement to decisively tackle the disease of addiction to alcohol and other drugs and bridge the enormous gap in addiction resources.
If you've chosen a sober living home to ease your transition from rehab back to “regular life”, good for you! You've made a positive step to aid your recovery. The decision is just the first step, though; you will face more decisions along the way that allow you to make the most of your time in sober living.

If it weren’t for the physical rehabilitation I acquired in primary treatment I wouldn’t be where I am today. The 30 days I spent in rehab were a great reprieve from the tribulations of daily drug use. It was like being on vacation; 30 days of healthy meals, exercise and ample free time to indulge in books, music, television and any other form of distraction I could get my hands on. It allowed me to get enough time away from drugs to know that the lifestyle of an addict is an unhappy, unhealthy existence.