Can you die from drug withdrawal?

Can you die from drug withdrawal?


Drug withdrawal, depending on which drugs are being used, can be a serious and even life-threatening condition. This can be extrapolated if more than one drug is being used or in combination with alcohol.


Drug withdrawal can be a serious and even life-threatening condition.

Drug withdrawal can be a serious and even life-threatening condition.

Drug Withdrawal can be Deadly


It is important to take inventory of how long the individual has been using, how frequently, and how much of the given drug they have been taking on a daily basis. Because of how dependent the body can become on drugs such as Xanax, heroin, or even simply alcohol, drug withdrawal can be potentially deadly.


Once an individual stops using drugs the withdrawal process begins near immediately. For the user, oftentimes it can seem like there is no end in sight. That is why it is nearly always recommended that the individual attend a detox program and be medically supervised.


Detox is Important for Drug Withdrawal


When a user is supervised medically in a detoxification program the risk of harm is significantly mitigated. Typically, meds and a comfortable environment are provided to usher the individual into a life free from the grips of addiction.


The purpose of detox is not only to shed light on not only what is happening to them physically, the choices and decisions the addict has made that lead them to that point. More often than not detox is just the beginning of recovery, and oftentimes drug rehabilitation or aftercare follow the detoxification process.


Detox from Drug Withdrawal is Just the Beginning


Because addiction is a lifelong condition, detox and overcoming drug withdrawal is just the beginning. An individual should be educated on the dangers of drug use and realize that addiction itself, whether they are currently using or not, is a life-threatening disease.


If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and attempting to avoid drug withdrawal, it is important to approach them with this information. Many addicts and alcoholics are either unaware or no longer care what happens to them, in which case interventions are usually orchestrated. For more information about drug withdrawal and if you are seeking help, please call us at (888) 357-7577.