Body Mindfulness

One of the things that we have to re-learn in recovery is how to be mindful of our bodies and our needs. Over the years of using, we become completely disconnected from our bodies, out of touch and out of tune. We forgo food, sleep, and safety in favor of drugs and alcohol. The issue with being out of touch with ourselves is that we carry this inability to care for bodies into sobriety. The same way that over time we learned to ignore our bodies cries for nourishment or rest, we must re-learn to read what our bodies need and acquiesce.

This means that we need to recognize when a rest day is in order, or when extra food intake is necessary. I for one have had to learn to take breaks, especially when I’m sick. For several years of my early sobriety I would work out and go to work even when I felt like death. I would slither out of my car at the gym and essentially crawl to the treadmill. I would get sicker and sicker, unable to recognize the fact that I was ill simply because I had not listened to my body’s needs. I had failed to recognize the signs.

Now, when I feel a cold coming on, I take a rest day (or five). I boost my water intake, double up my vitamin C and zinc, and I give myself permission to simply REST. Sometimes the very best thing that you can do for yourself is absolutely nothing. Everyone needs a break. Remember, sobriety is about balance, about finding serenity and maintaining an even keel. Hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Sober since 2007, Maya is a mother, wife, and writer for the lifestyle blog ‘My Life As Maya‘. She is also a freelance writer and resident contributor for several other blogs in the fashion, fitness and parenting spheres.

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  • Rory Anderson
    Posted at 21:25h, 28 May Reply

    I can absolutely relate and agree with this article. For me, physical sobriety is a huge part of my life and plays a key part in the way I feel on a daily basis. Health and taking care of my body is my responsibility and it’s also a part of growing up. Balance is the key. Exercising is a must but anything in excess can be harmful and serenity is achieved through balance and consistency. Love this article and love the inspiration 🙂
    Rory Anderson

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