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Q & A Bill Lane

Bill Lane has been helping addicts for over fifty years. He’s a 1962 Synanon survivor who’s taken a life plagued by heroin addiction, deception and prison and transformed it to one of love and service through years of hard work.

Bill is in the business of saving young lives and if he has to endure angry rebukes and physical aggression from dope sick teens, he’s still willing to do whatever it takes to get them help. Some call him a kidnapper, but Bill is a “Transporter,” safely shepherding kids who are still under the influence from their house to a treatment center where they can detox from drugs and alcohol.


1. What sparked your interest to enter the field of adolescent transport services?


When I was with CEDU Schools, we saw students being brought to us by disheveled agents with the students being totally unprepared. We felt that we could do a better job.


2. Can you give me some guidelines you adhere to in the Safe Therapeutic Escort Protcol (S.T.E.P.)?


We have strict guidelines that we follow — from A to Z. These include constant communication with the parent, referral source and program; knowledge of the program and preparing the client by taking the fear and mystery out of where they’re going; as well as adhering to a dress code, matching gender, proper training, etc.


3. How do you use your therapeutic transportation approach with a particularly resistant youth?


Our training includes CPI (crisis prevention intervention) that involves all deescalating tools and really just “schmoozing” the clients and talking them into everything.


4. What is the furthest place you have traveled to pick up a struggling young person?


We have gone as far as Sweden, Costa Rica and New Zealand, as well as just about every state in the US.


5. Are you ever a part of the intervention team?


Before becoming handicapped, I participated in many of the interventions.


6. Do you tend to transport more young women or young men?


We tend to transport more men than women.


7. Are there particular types of behavior you coach the parents to “present” prior to picking their child up for transport that will ease the transition to treatment?


Yes, we give parents guidelines on what to say and what not to say in order to not escalate the situation. We ask the parents to not tell their son or daughter that they are going to a program, where they’re going or for how long they’re going to be there.


8. How do you handle parents who are not on the same page as far as having their child go to treatment?


We obviously have to get them on the same page. If it’s a minor we have to have both signatures before we can proceed.


9. Can you describe, “teen whispering?”


A parent referred to me as a “teen whisperer” after I personally worked with his difficult son in transporting him to a program. I was flattered.


10. What is it that sets your company apart from the others?

Longevity, integrity, quality, wisdom, plus training and liability insurance!


Please visit to find out more about Bill Lane & Associates, his background, the team, their technique and the passion they possess for this work.



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