Best Sobriety Apps

Best Sobriety Apps

Whether you’re looking for new meetings, different meditation practices or simply need a digital copy of the big book, check out some of these hot sobriety apps to help keep you motivated and in touch in the digital age.

Sobriety Apps in the Digital Age

With applications coming out for every problem under the sun, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of sobriety apps geared for those in recovery. Quite honestly there is a fair amount of competition between various apps, many offering some of the same, if not identical, features as the last. But now that most people, in recovery or not, have a smart phone on them at all times, there are a lot of effective ways applications can be used to help bolster someone’s program. Below are some well-rounded sobriety apps if you are interested in keeping your program on-the-go with you in various ways.

12 Steps AA Companion


Thanks to your smartphone, you can now carry the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with you wherever you go.

This app maintains a running sobriety calculator, so you can know just how long you’ve been sober. It also includes all of “The Big Book” text and tools for helping you study and remember important passages. If you want to encourage others with an uplifting message, the Notes section lets you share via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

If you’re ever in an unfamiliar city and need to find a meeting, this app can direct you to nearby offices and meeting destinations too.


One Day At A Time

[four_fifths]People familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will recognize this app’s contents quickly. One Day at a Time makes “The Big Book” portable and interactive. When you need a distraction or just a bit of encouragement, take out your phone and read through your current step in your recovery, past steps, prayers, or inspirational messages.

You can also keep up with your friends’ sobriety and track your own. This app can serve as a gentle reminder and a constant source of motivation when you need a little help to get by.[/four_fifths][one_fifth_last][su_frame][/su_frame][/one_fifth_last]

Daily Motivation

[four_fifths]Goals are important when you’re trying to quit. Keep your goals simple and realistic at first. Then make sure you’re held accountable for them. If you need a little extra encouragement to reach your goal, this app can provide personal coaching geared toward your needs.

This app can help with both accountability and motivation. Enter your goal in the app — it could be as simple as “do not drink today.” When you complete your goal successfully, the app throws a celebration for you![/four_fifths][one_fifth_last][su_frame][/su_frame][/one_fifth_last]

Joe & Charlie

[four_fifths]Alcoholics Anonymous connected Joe McQ. and Charlie P. several decades ago. Together they’ve developed a lifelong friendship, remained sober, and encouraged each other and others throughout their journeys.

Over time, the duo created a series of study sessions based on the book “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism,” also called “The Big Book.” Today you can download the sessions they’ve presented across the country. Pop in your ear buds when you’re walking or working, and soak up their wisdom and experience.[/four_fifths][one_fifth_last][su_frame][/su_frame][/one_fifth_last]

Mindfulness Meditation

[four_fifths]Meditation can help people find calm, reduce stress, and refocus. A recovering alcoholic needs all of these things at many points in their journey. Instead of seeking out an expensive meditation studio, help might be as close as your phone.

The Mindfulness Meditation app can help you create time for meditation in your busy day. Select the session length you desire, and then follow the app’s audio cues to relax and unwind. Once the session is over, you can share your mindfulness meditation experience with a friend.[/four_fifths][one_fifth_last][su_frame][/su_frame][/one_fifth_last]

Afternoon Affirmations

[four_fifths]Making the decision to stop drinking is hard. Getting sober is harder. Staying sober is downright difficult. Motivation and affirmation can go a long way toward smoothing a rocky road.

This app’s function is very simple: At 1 p.m. each day, it delivers a message of affirmation to your phone. Read it, reflect on it, and apply it to where you are in your day. “I really enjoy the affirmations,” wrote Apple user ImaCraftiMama. “They give me good stuff to reflect on each day, and I appreciate the reminder.”[/four_fifths][one_fifth_last][su_frame][/su_frame][/one_fifth_last]

Remember, Sobriety Apps are Not the Solution!

None of these apps are in any way going to keep somebody sober. These are merely aids for those in recovery. Especially for those of us in 12-step programs, nothing can ever replace going to meetings, calling your sponsor and working with other alcoholics. But when you need an uplifting message to get you through your day, want to try a new meditation technique or need to find a meeting in a new city, these sobriety apps can help you out in more ways than one.

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