Beacon House


Premier Monterey Area Drug Rehab Facility


Helping you and your loved ones create a lifetime of recovery from alcohol or drug abuse is our mission. For over a half century, the Beacon House, located in the heart of California on the Monterey Peninsula, has saved thousands of lives, providing inpatient and outpatient care for adults with alcohol and drug addiction.


Our “Integrity of Choice” policy and “Lifetime of Support” aftercare program for all Beacon House alumni is unique to our rehab center. Our goal to assist you, in finding the right treatment solution, whether here or an alternative facility. After a half century, it has been our experience that the benefits of our program, far outweigh the costs, both in terms of savings and creating a more fulfilling and healthier life.


Quality of Care


The Beacon House welcomes men and women, aged 18 and over, for treatment of alcoholism, pharmaceutical and illicit drug abuse and addictions. Our licensed and certified clinicians and nurses are trained in the treatment of addiction, operating at a staff-to-patient ratio of almost 2-1, ensuring the highest quality care for all our clients.


Treatment Programs


We offer several residential and outpatient drug treatment options for adult men and women 18 years and older. Our Primary Residential Treatment is aimed at the basics of arresting the addiction process, as well as establishing individualized relapse prevention strategies.