Addiction Blog

addiction blog

An Addiction blog is a very popular way to talk openly about the lifestyle of living free of drugs and alcohol. An established addiction blog with the backing of a reputable recovery community will provide current articles on drug trends, celebrated stories of sobriety and interviews with therapists that can be depended on to provide accurate facts.


An Addiction Blog Provides Insight for Families and Loved Ones of Those Currently in Recovery or Those Needing Recovery 

Addiction blogs discuss the various aspects that former drug addicts and alcoholics go through on their journey to recovery. Families can also find solace, hope and solutions when still involved with a family member and loved one still in their active addiction. Some blogs will be strictly written from a creative point of view by those in recovery, more as a way to connect with others in recovery, offer a comedic point of view and as a way to express their creativity.


Choosing the Appropriate Addiction Blog for You

It is important when choosing a blog to follow that you do your due diligence and choose blogs that present material in the fashion valuable to you. Blogs can be different from medical journals and periodicals containing information found on government and medical websites, although these organizations may also have their own internal blogs. Presently, many blogs are considered strictly the opinions of those in or working in recovery and do not cite a list of sources in the respective article. Many therapists and professionals in the recovery field will gravitate towards a more evidence- based blog with statistics, data on drug trends, treatment options and professional advice.

Addiction Blog


Into the Heart of Addiction

Be sure to visit New Life House’s blog Into the Heart of Addiction for valuable and original content written for the sole purpose of helping families and loved ones find comfort and accurate information on the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.


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