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An established addiction blog for parents can be a real lifesaver! Where else can parents find specific information, articles, trending news, and first-person accounts on drug addiction from addicts in recovery all in one place? A blog of this genre will help a parent get through the painful process of acknowledging their child’s addiction, supply resources to come to terms with it personally, offer avenues of support and present relevant information on treatment and therapy from addiction professionals. The end result is that an addiction blog for parents should offer hope, support, information, solution and comfort.


Do Addiction Blogs Have Specific Focuses?


Different addiction blogs have different themes. Some are strictly information based, such as medical journals and associations, and will publish the latest statistics on things such as teen drug abuse, relapse, long term Suboxone use, marijuana addiction and the prescription drug epidemic. Others might be humorous and written solely from the point of view of the addict and still others will be lists of Top Tens in recovery and addiction.


Can I Count on Original Content in An Addiction Blog for Parents?


Some blogs do contain information that is re-circulated, but many recognized blogs contain original content by writers who are knowledgeable and accessible. Being knowledgeable means that readers can depend on the fact that they have researched their subject matter, have interviewed trend-setting professionals in recovery and have direct experience with the style of blog they are representing. Being accessible means that writers are available to reply to comments posted by readers in a timely fashion, an important function of a good blog.


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