A Sober Living Home Checklist

If you’re considering a sober living home for yourself or a loved one, you probably already know that this type of facility is likely to increase the odds of a successful recovery. However, since success rates vary among individual sober living homes, it’s best to keep a few things in mind when investigating your choices. A good facility will exhibit all of the following characteristics:

No drugs or alcohol. This seems obvious, but unfortunately drugs and alcohol can make their way into sober living facilities and put your recovery at risk. But it’s unlikely you’re going to actually see evidence of these items when you’re shopping for a place to stay. Instead, look for a set of strict rules and clearly-stated consequences for breaking them. The staff at the home should also be responsible, sober individuals – so strict guidelines for staff are important, too.

Structure and rules. Aside from rules against drugs and alcohol, the facility should have an established structure in order to provide residents a dependable routine. A full recovery is much more likely when daily schedules are very organized.

Transitional activities. A sober living home shouldn’t just be a place to hide from temptation. A good facility will help its residents transition back into real life, by encouraging them to pursue work, education, and (clean, of course) recreational activities.

Participation in a twelve-step program. Recovery from addiction is an ongoing process, so the facility rules should require all residents to continue attending an appropriate twelve-step program. One resident’s regression could put everyone at risk, so recovery is seen as a unified group effort.

Aftercare. Transitioning back into regular life is a gradual process, not a sudden event which is over in a day. When your time in the home is over, you shouldn’t be simply tossed out to survive on your own. A good sober living home provides aftercare support to its former residents, to ensure they continue to do well in their new environments.


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