A Leap Of Faith

As a mother, there are a few words you never want to hear – Your son is an addict. people would say it, but I never believed them. 

I was always there for my son and thought I would be able to fix his problems.  He would go out at night and I would stay up till he came home.  Always knowing he was high, we would talk every night for an hour and I knew this was going to help him get back to normal.  He did not skip any details of what he was doing, but in my mind, if he would just listen to me, he would be able to see the light.

Boy, was I wrong, instead of helping him, I was enabling him.  He never had to suffer consequences, he never got honest with himself and was constantly chasing the lies.  It was ruining his life as well as ours.  I was referred to New Life House by a friend whose son had gone thru the program.  Living in Georgia, I was not able to come to California and visit the program, it was a leap of faith on my part.  I had a single phone call to the program and the next day, my son was on a plane to California.

He had been to rehab four different times and no other program took the time to work with him and see him through the tough spots, they just let him leave.  New Life House has been the best blessing that we have had.  In the 15 months that my son has been there, I have seen him turning into the man I knew he could be.  It has not been without trying times, but he was able to get through the rough times and is well on his was to living a clean and honest life.  As of today, he has graduated the program, held a job for 12 months, purchased a car and is now preparing himself for the next phase of moving into an apartment.  Each milestone in the program has brought so much joy to him and our family.  The program also did wonders for me.  It has taught me not to be an enabler, not to take my son’s side when things were getting tough and for me to look outside for help for myself.  I am there to listen when my son needs this, but he has learned that there are others to turn to who have been in his shoes and understand what he is going thru.

This has been the best blessing.  I am finally able to sleep and know that my son has the tools he will need in the future to continue his progress.  New Life House has been an incredible gift that I cannot be more thankful for receiving.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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