7 Years Sober Didn’t Happen Overnight

Our son just took his 7th cake and each year as I hear him speak, I’m grateful for all he’s accomplished. I knew he was experimenting with marijuana years ago, and I was OK with that. WOW, it sounds crazy now.

It was on Christmas morning 2007 when our 17 year old son told me he was addicted to Heroin!!!! It’s Christmas morning, I have all my family coming over in just a few hours for a huge dinner and I’m just scared and confused. This started the terrifying roller coaster of sober livings… we get him into a sober living – he gets kicked out. We check him into another rehab facility and he gets kicked out! Seven rehabs/sober livings at this point. We are just trying to breathe and keep our son alive.

Finally I discover Al Anon, which helped me get healthy and strong enough to jump off the roller coaster and end the madness to save my sanity. After all, we had a younger daughter at home who was caught in the middle of this craziness and she needed our love and support to deal with it. We found New Life House on the Internet and right away we knew this place was different from all the others. We were assigned a parent support system. They were so sweet and helpful – shout out to Joe G. and Diane G. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Flash forward 18 days…. Our son is kicked out of New Life!!!!! Now what??? After living on the streets for 20 days, Mike J agreed to give our son another chance. He was known as an “experiment” and even though he was a challenge, the guys in the house stayed with him and changed his way of thinking and his approach to life. Today, he is an amazing son and has a close loving relationship with his sister. He is presently a talented and accomplished artist. He is very humble and passionate about his sobriety and excited for what the future holds for him. Today at our family gatherings, it’s so real, honest, and loving… I couldn’t ask for anything more.

-Beth S, New Life House alumni mother

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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