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Drug addiction and alcoholism affect the entire family, not just the individual. These articles pertain to the family and supporting them.

Without my parents, I would not be sober today. My parents have done everything for me growing up and are wonderful, loving and charismatic people. I truly cherish them and am eternally grateful to have them in my life, however my perception was skewed before having the clarity of mind I have since achieved through the steps. Read more
Often we can feel quite alone when recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, but the truth is that many of us have families that want to offer support. Often they just don’t know what to do, or they may think we don’t want their help. Once we open those lines of communication, we find that our families do want to support us – and with their support, we have a greater chance of preventing a relapse and keeping our recovery on track. Read more


When I first came to Al‑Anon, I felt as though I had finally found a group of people who really understood my struggle. It was such a relief to know they understood my emotional language, not just intellectually, but experientially as well. I felt heard, and never judged. I was encouraged to begin working the Steps and find a Sponsor. It was a great place to start. I felt I had a strong relationship with my Higher Power, and as I began working Step One, that miracle of getting the guidance I needed came to me one day. My daughter, who desperately wanted to come home to live with me after treatment, simply did not understand why my answer was “no.” Read more